Funding For Flipping, doing business as fundingforflipping, was a credit company offering funding for real estate investors at the website (1). They are closed since 2021.

When you applied for funding, they requested the prospective borrower information about the credit score. They required a credit score of 700 to qualify, in most cases.

The loan requirements requested by were similar to other lenders regarding the issue of loans for real estate investments. was located in 509 W. Old Northwest Highway, Suite 210, Barrington, IL 60010.

It is important that a good credit score and substantial net worth are established before applying for such loans.

It was also necessary to have enough cash on hand in order to cover all upfront costs, which can often include home inspections, closing fees, down payments and so forth. The borrower’s income must be verified according to current lending standards, with documentation being submitted accordingly.

Some prospective borrowers may also be required to provide a co-signer, who will have the same qualifications.

Funding for flipping is often needed when you are not able to get funding from traditional sources because of credit issues or lack of equity in your home.

The advantage of this company was that they are willing to work with a borrower who does not have 20% equity in their home.

Funding for real estate flipping in was the act of borrowing funds and using them to purchase property, which will be resold quickly at an increased price so that the investor can profit from reselling it.

The loan requirements needed before applying for such loans included the same requirements that we understand are typical in the real estate business environment: having a good credit score, substantial net worth, enough cash on hand to cover all upfront costs (such as inspections), and documentation showing income verification up-to-date according to lending standards.

A potential borrower may also need a co-signer who has similar qualifications. Funding for real estate flipping is often required when you are unable to have it funded by yourself or do not want to utilize your own assets.
THE COMPANY IS NOT OPERATING SINCE 2021 Reviews reviews were generally positive in the specialized real estate forums. did not have negative reviews in Better Business Bureau or complaints of any kind, and no file recorded in the FTC.

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